Here’s a list with some of the places where my work has been exhibited:

  • Mediateca Expandica, Madrid, Spain (2009)
  • Art Center Nabi, A.L.I.C.E. museum, Seoul, South Korea (2009)
  • FILE Games, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2010)
  • Mansedanse Play!, Tampere, Finland (2010)
  • Hjärta Spel, Linköping, Sweden (2012)
  • Game Masters Exhibition, Sydney, Australia (2013)
  • Hjärta Spel, Tekniska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden (2013)
  • A MAZE, Berlin, Germany (2015)
  • Game Masters Exhibition, Halmstad, Sweden (2015)

If you know of some exhibition I’ve forgotten to list here, please let me know