A Series of Interesting Choices

A Series of Interesting Choices is a game designed to help you practice your game design skills. It will guide you through the creative process of making a board game – from coming up with an initial idea, to writing down the rules, and finally testing it.

In the first part of the game you will have to design an actual, working game, based on concepts found on a hand of cards dealt to you. Then you will play each others games, earning points if you manage to win in some of them. Finally, you must try to guess what cards the other players used for their games – and also hope that they will be able to figure out yours. The person who manages to do all these things in the best way will be the winner.

And if you don’t win? Hopefully you will have become a better game designer anyways!


The game is made for 2 – 4 players and takes between 60 and 90 minutes to play. Knowing anything about game design is not a prerequisite, but it's very helpful if the participants are familiar with some common board and card games.

Practice makes perfect

Though designed for being used in game design courses, this game also works great for independent study (both at home or in a workplace). Mastering any craft takes a lot of practice, game design one is no different!


Here you can download the game design form and rules for printing.

Order the game here.

If you just want the game design cards, those are available separately.


A flexible system

A game like this must work well for different play environments and participants. Here you can download a mini expansion for playing around with themes, if you're into that! Various levels on the game design cards also makes it possible to set the difficulty just right for your play group. More expansions and rules variations are on their way.

The Creator

A Series of Interesting Choices is made by the game designer and teacher Erik Svedäng. If you have questions or feedback, please contact him via email or twitter.