In beta
Windows, Linux & Mac

Initially designed by me as a board game in the spring of 2011, later to be digitized by Johannes Gotlén (programming), Niklas Åkerblad (art), Oscar Rydelius (sound), and me (programming and design).

It’s a 2-player game similar to chess, except that both players plan five moves ahead (secretely) and then watch them play out. There are various attacks available and a whole slew of destructible levels in various configurations.

At its peak (the winter of 2012 or so…) there were quite a few players playing the game, making it easy to find opponents. Nowadays it’s harder but if you and a friend buy the game you can always just play with each other. The servers are still running and everything works well. Our goal has always been to publish the game for iPad (since it has the perfect form factor for making secret moves). Hopefully one day it will happen…